Knowing that somebody is watching while being at home is both scary and unpleasant, although people have for centuries been doing the same normal activities at home, such as sleeping, eating, having sex, etc.

With the help of the latest heat camera technology I want to peep inside the houses in the small town of Brück.

An object that has a temperature above absolute zero (-273,15 degrees Celsius or 0 Kelvin) emits radiation in the infrared region. Even objects that we think of as being very cold, such as ice cubes, emit infrared radiation. The warmer the object, the more infrared radiation it emits.

Scientific tools, such as microscopes, telescopes, spectroscope, electroscope, periscope, etc. reveals life, where the human eye (or ear) would find nothing.

The project Brückoscope, shows infrared phantoms inside the houses on the main street of Brück, rising questions such as what is private and at the same time technically possible.

Installation view Gaststätte Sinthi Blue