When visiting the Market in Changdong, I was amazed with all the different items on display, all the different sounds, the colours - and the people. I started a silent conversation in my mind. I was trying to guess what the people around me were saying.

In order to share these conversations with others, I hang speech balloons down from the ceiling at the market, to make all visitors part in a story – a living comic book - a small poem in the bustling market.

- You know, my husband has started making food at home.
- What happen, he is not satisfied with your cooking?
- I'm not sure, but one day he just started making food.
- When was that?
- We sometimes go to the restaurant when I am tired.
- Yes?!
- But this was different, I had not complained.
- Is he also washing up afterwards?
- Yes, he is.
- I don't believe you.
- He makes me happy.

- What's up?
- What?
- I heard you two talking together...or, should I rather say wisper together.

- What did you do last weekend?
- Didn't I tell you already?
- No. Did you do something special?

© 2007