Shadows, 4 min.

Shadows can sometimes play a trick on our eyes. A rope can easily morph into a silhouette, and a tree can suddenly look like someone is looking at you, shades can show faces, etc.

The panoramic view, in this video, captures the magical landscape and secrets from the Fruga trail, on the island of Rab, Croatsia.

An International Artist Symposium, at Fruga Plateau and in Kamp Zidine in Lopar, during 9th and 23rd April 2022.

The Art Trail invites visitors to walk along the Premužić trail on the Fruga plateau to discover landscape-related art projects in different places. There will be sculptures, installations, performances, sound works and much more. Since some of the works will be short-lived, there are panels with QR codes at all locations of the works, which gives the possibility to experience via the smartphone what can no longer be seen.

Curator, Thomas May.